NJ Financial Reporting As of March 31, 2014

State Purchasing: Current Fiscal Year To Date By Commodity Sector

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Commodity SectorFiscal
YTD Total
Administrative, Financial, And Management Services$196,399,185.00
Agricultural Equipment And Related Products And Services$3,480,207.00
Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Theatre$609,699.00
Automotive Products, Vehicles, And Services$28,941,539.00
Building Equipment, Supplies, And Services$5,109,714.00
Clothing, Textiles, Laundry Equipment, And Supplies$11,474,105.00
Communication Equipment And Services$83,093,892.00
Computers, Software, Supplies, And Services$238,802,502.00
Food, Equipment, And Related Services$40,042,543.00
Furnishings And Related Services$2,898,838.00
Furniture And Related Services$4,870,997.00
Hardware, Related Equipment, And Services$12,846,849.00
Highway Road Equipment, Materials, And Related Equipment$41,918,545.00
Janitorial And Cleaning Equipment, Supplies, And Services$4,546,042.00
Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, And Services$7,486,548.00
Maintenance And Repair Of Equipment$64,520,799.00
Medical Equipment, Supplies, And Services$37,687,350.00
Miscellaneous Commodities And Services$543,711,050.00
Office Supplies, Related Items, And Services$16,931,409.00
Paper, Printing Equipment, And Related Products And Services$12,607,163.00
Personal Products, Equipment, And Services$1,848,390.00
Public Works, Park Equipment, And Construction Services$99,305,978.00
Rental And Leasing Services$9,423,222.00
Safety And Protection Equipment And Related Services$109,563,161.00
School And Library Equipment, Supplies, And Services$21,237,317.00
Social and Related Services$1,580,321,522.00
Sporting, Athletic, And Other Outdoor Equipment And Services$167,954.00
Testing And Sampling Equipment And Services$251,451.00
The Trades: Electrical, Engineering, Hvac, Plumbing, And Welding$5,837,287.00
Transit Equipment And Related Services, Mass$3,426,011.00
Water And Sewer Treatment Equipment, Supplies, And Services$837,607.00
row(s) 1 - 31 of 31